Sarah of Mai-Wel TtW’s PPS, David of Stride Learning, Dilah of Apprenticeship Support Australia and Kerrie of Advanced School of Beauty are eager to work with Brent, TtW jobseeker, in his traineeship

Mai-Wel’s Transition to Work(TtW) has partnered with employer, Advanced School of Beauty, training provider, Stride Learning and Apprenticeship Support Australia to kick-start local youth’s careers.

“I am blessed to be a part of this,” says Brent, a local TtW jobseeker who has started his career with a traineeship in business administration at Advanced School of Beauty. “I started with work experience and it led to a traineeship! This is a great chance to get qualified and learn how a business operates.”

“Brent is fantastic. He really earned his place during work experience and has brought a range of skills to the business,” says Kerrie of Advanced School of Beauty.

David of Stride Learning values the career and learning opportunities available to youth through traineeships like Brent’s.

“We are committed to continuing our relationship with Mai-Wel and local business to continue to provide these opportunities,” says David.

Matt Newcombe, Manager of Mai-Wel’s TtW is confident Brent’s career is off to a good start. “Collaborations between businesses and providers like this one, opens doors for young people but it’s up to them to walk through. In this case, Brent didn’t walk, he ran.” says Matt.

Apprenticeship Support Australia, Stride Learning and Mai-Wel’s Post Placement Support(PPS) will support Brent and Kerrie for 6 months of the traineeship.