Holly Cooper Employee of the Month

Holly Cooper Employee of the Month

Since being employed as a dining room attendant by KFC in 2017, Holly has been provided with many new opportunities. Her confidence and customer service skills have improved significantly and she is able to learn new tasks while executing them with enthusiasm.

When Holly’s employment first started, her duties were largely focused around cleaning and keeping the dining room area tidy. Over the past two years, her skills and confidence have grown greatly, which has seen her move onto other more complex duties, including:

  • Dining room cleaning – Holly now is able to do this task with very little assistance or supervision. Holly used to be easily distracted and could lose focus. She now takes initiative and completes the required tasks.
  • Drive through orders. When Holly started handing out orders, she lacked the confidence to make interaction with customers. Now she is chatty and confident!
  • Stacking of freezers and fridges – Holly no longer requires assistance at all with this. She completes it independently.
  • Making burgers and wraps – Holly has recently taken on this role. Her tasks include preparing and wrapping the burgers and wraps. Although more practice is needed in this space she is improving with every order.

Holly is well-liked by all staff and is a very capable worker. When Holly first started at KFC she was a shy, timid young lady with little communication skills who struggled with customer service. Since being employed with KFC, Holly has come along in leaps and bounds and her confidence has grown dramatically. Holly has been provided with opportunities to learn new tasks and she takes this on with confidence and enthusiasm. KFC is an extremely supportive workplace and this has contributed greatly to Holly’s professional development.

Thank you KFC for being such a supportive work place!