Congratulations to our job seeker Edward (pictured), for obtaining employment with The Nextt Group, supporting people with disability both in their homes and out in the community.

Edward began his journey towards employment with Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions first by enrolling in an ‘Essential Skills for Community Services’ course. He successfully completed the course, which helped to refresh his disability support skill set and also enabled him to gain his first aid certificate.

Mai-Wel Labour Force Solutions job seeker Edward pictured with aged care residents during his work experience

After completing the course, Edward participated in work experience at local aged care group Calvary Care as part of MWLFS’ Accessibility Day intiative. During his work experience, Edward supported clients and assisted with group activities, which gave him an idea of the type of skills and workplace expectations that would be required in the care sector. Edward found helping people in his community so enjoyable that he began to volunteer at Mai-Wel on a regular basis, supporting participants with disability with activities and community access.

With this experience under his belt and the right certification, Edward gained the confidence to begin applying for paid employment in support worker roles. Soon enough he secured a role as a support worker with Nextt and has already received amazing feedback praising his abilities and qualities, and he has rightfully gained a sense of accomplishment gaining and thriving in his new role.

Edward says MWLFS helped him discover a role he loves.

“With the support of the wonderful staff at Mai-Wel I have been able to achieve my goal of gaining employment in a position that I really enjoy. To no longer be unemployed is an amazing feeling of worth and contributing to society.

“My Case Manager and support staff at Mai-Wel have been very supportive and pro-active in helping me gain employment in my chosen field. They have done a great job and been an awesome support to me, persisting to make sure I get the hours I need and keeping me motivated to continue even through difficult times.

“Doing a job I get enjoyment and fulfillment from is important to me. I like helping people and giving others a fair go. This drives me to be the best I can be.”

Edward plans to continue a lifelong career in his role as a support worker, with no intentions of stopping until retirement.

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