It has been all smiles for 19 year old Kaycee since she obtained her Learner Drivers licence recently.

Kaycee has been accessing support from Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions’ Transition to Work (TtW) team since October 2018. Together, they have been developing Kaycee’s goals for the future and setting time frames to achieve these goals.

One of Kaycee’s goals was to obtain her Learner Drivers licence as she believed this would assist her in finding and maintaining employment  in retail – another goal which she has been working towards.

In preparation for the real deal, the TtW team supported Kaycee throughout her practice tests and Susan, Kaycee’s Youth Support Mentor, drove her to the real test in early July where she passed with flying colours.

Kaycee has since bought her own car to help accrue her required hours before she undertakes the Provisional Drivers licence test.

Congratulations Kaycee on such a wonderful achievement!