MWLFS Youth Support Mentor, Naomi, and Dr Steve Brown are happy to work with jobseekers to provide tailored eye examinations.

Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions’ (MWLFS) newly opened Strengths and Skills Assessment Centre is a valuable resource for job seekers to identify their skills and strengths and determine what services or support they need to achieve their employment goals.

Just one of the services offered by the Centre, made possible by a partnership with a local optometrist, Dr Steven Brown of Hunter Optical Specialists, is tailored eye testing for job seekers.

“Approximately 40% of high school students have visual problems,” says Dr Brown.

MWLFS Youth Support Mentor at the Centre, Naomi Johnson, said the bulk-billed eye testing on offer is a great opportunity for job seekers to identify underlying issues that could be impacting their literacy, numeracy, IT and foundation employability skills.

“An increasing number of job seekers are telling us they are unable to read. When we dig deeper we are finding it is because the words blur or move on the page, or they can’t process or focus on what they’re seeing.”

For more information about the MWLFS Strengths and Skills Centre, please call the team at MWLFS in Maitland on 4015 8400.

Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions’(MWLFS) commercial kitchen training space, ’The Café’, made possible by funds raised at Mai-Wel’s 2017 Annual Gala Ball, is a valuable resource for job seekers to experience first-hand the equipment and processes of a commercial kitchen.

Twelve jobseekers are currently using the space for their Certificate II in Kitchen Operations delivered by Teresa Campos of REACH for Training.

The thirteen-week course is delivered two days per week at the MWLFS Maitland office, incorporating classroom-b cased learning and a full day of practical activities in The Café. Additionally, participants will complete 20 hours of work experience in the kitchens/cafés at Club Maitland City and Opal Rutherford aged care.

At the completion of the course in mid-June, participants will have the skills for various hands-on roles in kitchen environments including aged care facilities, pubs, clubs and cafes.